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What to do if your screen reader says "horsepower"


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» If screen readers say "horsepower"
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The horsepower problem

Unfortunately one of the problems with having the initials "HP" is that these two letters also constitute the abbreviation for horsepower. Many screen readers, in an attempt to be helpful, identify this abbreviation and read it as "horsepower" instead of "HP". There are some alternatives, though, for screen reader users to address this problem by modifying or upgrading their screen reader software. Here's how:

  1. IBM Homepage Reader

    Users who are using versions older than 3.02, will find the screen reader reads 'HP' as 'horse power'. In versions 3.02 and later, the problem is fixed.

  2. Window-Eyes

    Users who are using versions older than 4.11 will find the screen reader read 'HP' as 'horse power'.

    Those with 4.1 of Window-Eyes who want to rectify this problem immediately can get updated drivers off of the GW Micro web site. They can access the drivers at http://www.gwmicro.com/support/ under the Downloads section. The download is named "Updated SAPI drivers". Go to the GW Micro web site now to get your driver.
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