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Dialogue Live
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Integrated with HP Dialogue software for high-volume and on-demand enterprise document automation, Dialogue Live is an intelligent, interactive document solution that provides a common infrastructure for managing the editing of all types of interactive documents across the enterprise.

Dialogue Live also automates integration of field-edited documents with centralized corporate systems and document production. Companies benefit by eliminating point solutions and manual fulfillment processes, resulting in more productive employees, significantly reduced costs, less strain on IT resources, fewer calls to customer service, and happier customers.

Dialogue Live is ideal for companies in all industries that want to provide customer-facing employees with the flexibility and autonomy they need to complete interactive point-of-need personalized documents for clients, while ensuring accuracy and controlling costs through centralized production and fulfillment.
The key benefits of Dialogue Live include:
  • Reduce costs and improve consistency by eliminating point solutions for field-delivered documents—from proposals, letters, contracts, and forms, to other types of interactive communications.
  • Reduce errors and miscommunications by controlling what content customer-facing employees can deliver based on built-in document intelligence.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by automating follow-up and fulfillment from interactive processes, such as sending personalized letters, enrollment kits, brochures, and more.
  • Reduce employee training costs by replacing paper-based forms and their manual processes with intelligent, interactive documents customized for different users. Documents actually “complete themselves” with just a few pieces of information entered.
  • Reduce IT costs and complexity by reducing the number of documents and templates that need to be developed and supported.
  • Reduce mailing and archival costs by centralizing the distribution of field-generated documents.

DLF Designer

DLF Designer extends the functionality of Exstream Dialogue Designer so document developers can create Live documents by adding interactive functions, such as editing controls and rules, into any existing or new Dialogue document application. Functionality traditionally included in entire interactive document systems can be included in Live document applications. Live documents can be designed as stand-alone applications or for inclusion in web-based or other types of custom-developed interactive systems.

DLF Input

DLF Input allows an edited Live document (DLF file) to be used as input to the Dialogue engine for data extraction, to trigger events, create other documents, or be used as content within another document, which could be output in any format (e.g., AFP, PDF, PostScript, etc.).

DLF Output

Dialogue Live Format (DLF) files, or Live documents, are generated by the Dialogue engine just like any other type of document output. Based on XML standards, DLF was designed to support any type of interactive document. DLF embodies the interactive application framework for accessing and feeding external systems, interfacing with workflow systems, controlling presentation, formatting, and editing rules, providing user and content authentication, and containing data and content. DLF output can be produced from a work station, concurrently by the Dialogue engine with other output in high volume, or created on-demand using Dialogue Real-time. DLF files can also be used as input to Dialogue.

DLF Fulfillment

DLF Fulfillment supports template processing, allowing users to store an edited DLF file along with an accompanying distribution list, or defined location for one, in a repository for fulfillment processing by Dialogue. For this type of processing, the edited Live document may have some variables and rules that will be resolved in the Dialogue production run.

Web Services Interface (WSI)

The Web Services Interface allows Dialogue Live applications to participate seamlessly in an organization’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) without custom integration normally required to leverage existing web services. Utilizing Dialogue’s easy click and map design interface; Dialogue Live applications can be configured for interaction using standards-based methods for data, content, or authorization directly from the Live Editor. The WSI also is an ideal mechanism for sending DLF files to the Dialogue engine as opposed to traditional file-based methods or messaging-enabled submission events which require the additional deployment of software. This module is highly recommended for Dialogue Live applications that need to integrate with critical enterprise systems such as Dialogue, ECM, CRM, and ERP.
Dialogue Live provides a single infrastructure for companies to manage the editing of interactive documents across the enterprise. It dramatically improves traditional interactive document processes by reducing point solutions used in the field, eliminating manual fulfillment tasks, reducing the number of steps required to complete point-of-need personalized documents, and ensuring accuracy and costs are controlled through centralized production and fulfillment.

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